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HUD-SON Log Grapples/Rotators/Lifting Arm

We offer many different styles/designs to best suit your needs, whether you need one that rotates or not, or just plain tongs and a lifting arm. HUD-SON has options.

HUD-SON Wolverine Processor Model M

This unit has a 10 HP engine, 4 way wedge, 16 FPM 2 stage hydraulic pump, 11 second cycle time, unlimited log length can be fed, will take up to 18" in diameter and a variable speed winch.

The Wolverine M was designed for the homeowner, farmer, and small wood business in mind. Very portable, can be moved into small or remote areas with the use of an ATV.

HUD-SON Wolverine Processor Model A

This unit has a 14 HP engine, 4 way wedge, 7 second cycle time, unlimited log length can be fed, will take up to 18" in diameter and a variable speed winch, plus an automatic bar oil system. The Wolverine A has all the features of the M plus it has a built in chainsaw, a more powerful motor, and later pump.

HUD-SON lifting arm

Max lift is1200 lbs. Weight: 375 lbs, Hand winch: 1200 lbs, 12volt winch: 1200 lbs, 360 degree swing, maximum reach: 7 foot 6 inch, 3 adjustable jacksThe Hud-Son Lift Arm, is perfect for those heavy lifting jobs under 1200 lbs. It comes with a lift hook, and a hydraulic 1200 lb jack. An optional hand winch or 12 volt electric winch to drag logs or many other items into reach of the lift can easily be added. It fits any Class III 10,000 lb receiver, for those wanting to bolt it down to a trailer or other item. It also has a pre drilled flat plate. There is a two hole extendable boom for logs up to 14 foot long. The Hud-Son Lifting Arm comes standard with 1200 max lift, estimated weight of 375 lbs. hand winch: 1200 lbs, 12 volt winch: 1200 lbs, a 360 degree swing, maximum reach is 7′ 6″, standard 3 adjustable jacks are standard. Freight FOB Barneveld, NY 13304.

​​2020 55 m SKIDDING WINCH

​The 55 M Log skidding winch has 12,100 lbs of tractive force, lower cable position, requires 45-80 HP, 230'x7/16 of standard cable, 5.2ft blade width, 1.6 ft front to back, 4.7 ft winch height, 7.5 ft overall height and 1 and 2 category.

40 E Skidding Winch Demo Unit

​DEMO UNIT REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE Tractive force lower cable position 8800 lbs, HP power required: 30-54, manual winch control, standard cable 230'x7/16 and weighs 657 lbs, has a 4.6ft blade width, middle speed of cable is 3 ft/second, over height is 6.6 ft and it is a category 1 and 2.